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What lead me to a career in software development?

My desire for a career of life long problem-solving all started in 2013 with a Raspberry Pi. The credit card computer with endless possibilites. I modified a MagicMirror, Hosted Apache Servers, and wrote simple py automation scripts. Since then, I've gain a certification in full-stack development, worked with freelance clients, and completed a successful intership with ProsperIT Cconsulting.

The technology that
I utilize most

From basic styling and animations to database queries and much more. These are the tool's that I have used most often and/or have industry experience working with.


The backbone of the internet! These tools are used in nearly every project with the addition of Bootstrap or Tailwind which are powerful frameworks.


JS is used nearly everywhere these days. Animations, Back-End Language, or general use - JS is powerful. I have worked with React a bit and I am currently learning more about Angular/Vue.

Python / Django (or Flask)

Python is the go-to language for Machine Learning and Data Algorithms. Django is a powerful tool to develop web applications.

C++ & C#/ ASP.NET

C# is a general purpose programming language and with ASP.NET it has the ability to create reliable & scaleable web applications.


An open-source JS runtime environment that allows JS to run outside of a browser.

MySQL / MongoDB

Relational and Non-Relational Databases to store program information. Firebase is what I am currently using for private projects.

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Projects that drive my learning

Technology develops quickly and it's a developers job to learn new things quickly. Here are a few projects that inspire me to continue learning.

This project is a dynamic website template written in HTML/CSS/JS integrated into concrete5 (at client request) using PHP. Application utilizes 3 api's: Google Maps, Gym Master, & ScheduleOnce. Additionally, there was work needed server-side to produce a valid SSL certificate, setup Apache2 for hosting, and point nameservers to new IP address.

For this project, I joined a team of developers working on a local Theatre Production application. The application is intended as a platform to share A Productions Date/Time, Blog Posts, and Space Rental. Majority of my time was spent creating a structure for Calendar Events to be Added, Edited, Updated, and Deleted. This was completed using ASP.NET MVC.

The goal of this project was to create an application using the Django Framework that allows a user to create, edit, update, and delete blog posts. Additionally, this application used web scraping API, BeautifulSoup to find information about stocks and display stock details to the user. This information is stored in an SQLite3 Database.

This is a desktop application to create, edit, update, and delete contacts. Powered by python3 and tkinter, performing CRUD operations with an SQLite database.

This is a single player game of twenty one (player v.s. computer generated opponents).

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